Program Friday


Single track:

AP 00.15 AUD. M. WEBER

9:00-10:15 POLAR: Perspectives on Learning Analytics Research

Simon Buckingham-Shum, Paulo Blikstein, Stephanie Teasley and Alyssa Wise will present their reflections on the current state of and future prospects for Learning Analytics research.

10:15-10:40 break
10:40-11:50 Affective Analysis 
Affective states and state tests: Investigating how affect throughout the school year predicts end of year learning outcomes. Zachary Pardos, Ryan S.J.D. Baker, Maria O.C.Z. San Pedro, Sujith Gowda, Supreeth M. Gowda (Full)
Social network analysis and visualization 
Considering Formal Assessment in Learning Analytics within a PLE: The HOU2LEARN Case. Eleni Koulocheri, Michalis Xenos (Short)
Visualizing Social Learning Ties by Type and Topic: Rationale and Concept Demonstrator. Bieke Schreurs, Chris Teplovs, Rebecca Ferguson, Maarten De Laat, Simon
Buckingham Shum (Short)
11:50-12:20 break
12:00-13:00 Analytic Architectures
From Micro to Macro – Analyzing Activity in the ROLE Sandbox. Dominik Renzel, Ralf Klamma (Short)
Analytics of collaborative planning in Metafora – architecture, data, and analytic methods. Andreas
Harrer (Short)
13:00-13:20 Closing session

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