Workshop and Tutorials


Workshops (8-9 April, 2013) provide the opportunity to explore learning theory, analytics, methods and tools in depth. Workshops should be designed to take advantage of the interactivity afforded by this format, and should not consist merely of a day of talks. They may include for example, experience sharing and brainstorming, interactive demonstrations, data analysis by multiple analysts, problem solving sessions, and a few short and/or enlightening presentations. The length of the workshop sessions can range from a half to a full day (consisting of two to four 1.5 hour blocks between breaks). Please use the workshop template, outlining the significance of the topic, the workshop format, and your track record. The template for workshop submission could be accessed here.


Tutorials (also 8-9 April, 2013) provide the chance to take participants deep into a specific tool or technique in which you are experienced, or an introduction to a topic/class of tools. The time could range from a 1.5 hour session to a full day (consisting of two to four 1.5 hour blocks between breaks). LAK 2013 invites proposals for tutorials especially in the areas of:

  • Introduction to learning analytics: overview of perspectives, methods, examples
  • Computational methods and tools for learning analytics (incl. Social Network Analysis, Educational Data Mining, and/or Recommender Systems)
  • Working with big datasets – challenges and approaches
  • Learning analytics for collaborative learning
  • Hands-on experimentation with particular LAK related tools (software packages, frameworks, libraries for data analysis and visualization)
  • Additional topics may also be suggested.
The organizers will judge proposals not only on an individual quality basis but also with the aim to provide a relevant and significant spectrum of tutorials that would be helpful to newcomers and would foster inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange.
Tutorial presenters will have free access to the conference (max. 2 presenters for accepted full day tutorials, otherwise one presenter) but no further remuneration. Please use the tutorial template, outlining the significance of the topic, the tutorial format, and your track record. The template for tutorial submission can be accessed here.

2 thoughts on “Workshop and Tutorials

  1. Necesitamos saber cuáles son los idiomas permitidos para el envío de las contribuciones científicas y a qué dirección electrónica debemos hacerlas llegar?
    Agradeciendo de antemano;
    Saludos cordiales

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