LAK 2013: 8-12 April, Leuven, Belgium

We’re so excited: After LAK2011 in Banff and LAK2012 in Vancouver (this week!), we will organize LAK2013 in Leuven, Belgium.

We, in this case, is Xavier Ochoa and Erik Duval, conference chairs, joined by Katrien Verbert and Dan Suthers, program chairs.

Off course, we’ll invite many others to the LAK13 team: drop us a note (by email or in the comments below) if you’re interested… If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or whatever, please do feel free to contact us!


1 thought on “LAK 2013: 8-12 April, Leuven, Belgium

  1. Delighted to hear of this. I am quite eager to join the event and I expect that by next year the field would have become richer and more exciting. Thanks for the announcement: mm pant

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